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Czinege J. u. 1.
4071 Hortobágy

Internet: www.hnp.hu/rendezveny3.php...  (English)
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Hortobágy is probably the oldest stud in Hungary and has an independent history compared to the monarchal studs. The horses at Hortobágy were always owned by the surrounding population, the stud of the Free Royal Town of Debrecen. The first written document about the stud is dated in 1671.

After several owners the stud is now owned by the Hortobágy National Park which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The grazing horses of Hortobágy Stud (also called Máta Stud) are essential to maintain the landscape of the park.

The Máta Stud has around 250 horses and its main goal is to preserve the Nonius breed and to raise a Hungarian Sport horse that is suitable for sport and leisure. But the stud is also very important as visitor center in the middle of the park and provides carriage tours through the Puszta to introduce the culture, tradition and richness in species of the Puszta.

Additionally, visitors can see the cartwright- and smith museum, the cart exhibition, the black pottery workshop of Nádudvar and the stables of the stud. Next to that Máta provides a platform for professional programmes and events such as Indoor Pair and Four-in-Hand Championship, Show Jumping Winter Cup, Indoor Championship of Amateur Carriage Drivers, Horse Breeding Competitions of the Hungarian Sport Horse Breeders' Association and of the Nonius Breeders' Association.

Video: Hortobágy - impressions of the company and the hungarian culture

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