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The principal and federal studs of Neustadt (Dosse), located in the state of Brandenburg not far from Berlin, can proudly look back on 220 years of tradition in horse breeding and horse training. The two neighbouring institutions are regarded as jewels for both, horse enthusiasts and admirers of Prussian architecture and stud management. Their heritage is of unique value.

The studs are located on a wide reaching vicinity of approx. 400 ha with ample fields and tree-lined roads which offer - together with the classicist stud buildings - excellent breeding facilities. Forty elite and state premium mares build the breeding basis. In 2001 the studs became a foundation under public law to be protected from privatisation.

The Brandenburg principal and federal studs are regarded as centre of sustainable countryside development and are as such of regional and interregional importance. The great cultural heritage of the stud buildings, which were founded by King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1788, is an excellent setting for the activities of the stud.

Special attention is paid to the preservation of the stud's tradition and cultural heritage and the preservation of the stud buildings listed as monuments. In addition to the breeding, main activities of the stud include the education by the riding and driving school and the driving sport centre as well as the project "riding in schools" (horse riding has become a compulsory subject from the 7th to 13th year in conjunction with the Neustadt schools) and tourism. All are regarded as building blocks of regional development.

Each year, from 1st of March to 15th of July stallions and staff members are sent to 15 to 20 service stations in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. Two of them are EU insemination facilities.

The studs at Neustadt offer numerous events, such as horse auctions, licensing and performance tests for mares and stallions. In cooperation with the riding and driving club the Neustadt studs organise sport events, such as show jumping competitions as well as driving tournaments. For a broad audience events such as the "foal spring" in May are organised, where the youngest horses are being presented to the public at the annual court party which is in essence a nice and interesting day out for the whole family. Every year in September numerous horse lovers visit the popular stallion parades. The events taking place at the studs provide new impulses for the city of Neustadt and the surrounding area.

Visitor programmes, from a short tour to a multiple-day experience, can be organised. The studs also offer facilities for all kinds of events, such as weddings, seminars and conferences.


Landstallmeister: Dr. Jürgen Müller
Chief Officer: Regine Ebert
Phone: +49 - 33970 - 5029-0, | Fax: +49 - 33970 - 5029-622