National Stud Rosières-aux-Salines

1 rue Léon Bocheron
54110 Rosières aux Salines
Region of Lorraine

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In 1767 the National Stud Rosières-aux-Salines was founded on the site of old royal salt mines, which suspend their activities in 1760. The foundation leads back to the organisation of the first national studs and stallion depots in France by Colbert and the Marquis de la Galaizière, the representative of the French King of at the Lorraine region. Rosières-aux-Salines is one of the oldest national studs of France.

The premises include about 12 hectares; the buildings of the 18th century are located within a park. The stud is assigned to the Association Pôle hippique de Lorraine (PHL) and the French Institute of the horse and riding (IFCE). See also page "Les Haras nationaux".

The stud offers different seminars and courses including driving courses for beginners and advanced students, seminars about horse breeding or saddlery, veterinary courses and seminars to obtain the Certificate of Professional Aptitude for Transporting Living Animals (CAPTAV).

Equestrian sport and breeding events take place at the Rosières-aux-Salines. To visit the stables and the surrounding areas the stud offers free access and guided tours. One can see the historic carriage collection, the museum, the farrier's workshop and the breeding station. There are also facilities for rent for private events.