Ypäjä Equine College

Opistontie 9
32100 Ypäjä

Internet: www.hevosopisto.fi (englisch)

Ypäjä Equine College trains world-class professionals for the working life and is one of Europe's largest vocational institutes in the equine sector. Through an extensive range of study programmes and several options on orientation, the College offers students an opportunity for versatile education in the equine sector. Qualified professionals, such as grooms, riding instructors and tutors, graduate from the Equine College of Ypäjä.

Facilities and horses

Ypäjä Equine College has four riding halls (two of which are heated) - a lit one kilometre long trotting track and a three kilometre long track for speed training, several outdoor riding arenas and an international level cross-country track. The population of 300 horses consists of riding horses, trotters and draught horses. In the stud there is a group of 30 mares and approximately 15 foals are born annually. 150 of the horses are owned by the college, 30 horses owned by MTT Horse Research Center are situated in the same premises, the other horses are privately owned. Special attention is paid to breed and training "Finnhorses", the only native breed.

The owners of Ypäjä Equine College are the State of Finland, the municipalities of Forssa, Jokioinen and Ypäjä as well as two central organizations in the equine sector, Suomen Hippos (the Finnish Trotting and Breeding Association) and the Equestrian Federation of Finland. The College operates by the authorization of the Government and under the control of the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Riding school

Ypäjä is a meeting place that offers equestrian enthusiasts an opportunity to improve their equine skills in an ideal environment by participating various training sessions, short courses or riding school. Equine College organizes several international training courses with top specialists every year. The riding school of the College offers courses for riders of all ages and levels. Part of the riding school horses are Finnhorses, part warm blood horses. The riding school also organizes summer camps for youngsters and adults.

Rooms and restaurants in historical premises

The history, buildings and premises of the former Ypäjä National Stud, where Equine College is situated today, as well as the Finnish Equestrian Museum are open for visitors the year round. The National Equine Competence Association of Finland is also situated in the premises of Equine College.

In addition to restaurant activities, the two restaurants and a small, historical conference room can be booked for guests, celebrations and private parties. There is also the Auditorium for 70 persons available. Accommodation facilities are available in the College's course centre as well as in terraced house type buildings, where flats can be rented. The Finnish traditional Sauna is available in most of the flats.


Ypäjä Equine College organizes several equestrian events annually, including show jumping, dressage, eventing, stud book shows, carriage driving and harness racing. The events are intended for enthusiasts from regional level to the top national level. The best-known events are Finnderby, an international show jumping competition since the year 1973 and Suomenratsujen Kuninkaalliset, the main national event for Finnhorse in riding, with championships for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old horses.