Nationalgestüt Alter Real

Coudelaria de Alter
Tapada do Arneiro
7440-152 Alter do Chão

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ALTER REAL was founded in 1748 by King John V and, since then, has contributed to show to the world the role and vital importance of Lusitano Purebred and in particular Alter Lusitanos in Portugal. In fact, among all Portuguese breeds, Lusitano is the one with more international visibility and has recently achieved recognition for its unique characteristics: gentleness, focus, versatility, courage and enthusiasm.

To all these features, Alter Lusitanos add an historical past. They represent stability, tenacity, resilience regarding the several adverse situations the stud has faced during 266 years! Despite all difficulties, ALTER REAL is now in great moment genetics wise. Alter Lusitanos and their influence on other studs show important results in different equestrian activities. Not only in classical riding with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art but in sport disciplines as driving and dressage. The most popular dressage horse in Iberia is the Alter Lusitano Rubi, present at the London Olympics 2012.

ALTER REAL is located at 200km east of Lisbon, close to the border with Spain, in a 800ha property with beautiful stables and prairies. Since August 2013, Alter Stud, previously a foundation, is being managed by Companhia das Lezírias, a public agroforestry business with 18.000ha located 30km north of Lisbon. This company is now in charge of all the public studs. At present, ALTER REAL is counting 510 horses of which 388 stay at the stud’s 800 hectares property, while 112 are distributed to other entities (universities, equine management schools, riding clubs). The most important one is the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, located near Lisbon with 49 bay ALTER REAL Lusitanos. The stud itself is home to 307 Lusitanos (225 Alter Real + 82 Coudelaria Nacional), 43 horses of the local Sorraia breed and 40 horses of other breeds, Arabians being the most representative.

At the stud property there is also a public equine management school and the Molecular Genetics Laboratory that certifies the identity of the horses and keeps a DNA bank of all Lusitanos worldwide.
It is possible to visit the stud and stay at the guest house, a beautiful 5 room house at the heart of the stud. The most important annual event is the annual horse auction in April, which attracts 2000 people from all over the country and foreign visitors.